Solar Panels


This metal panel roofing combines the appeal of a structural roofing product with the solar electric capabilities of photovoltaic. It enhances a standard metal roof with a power system that is durable, beautiful and best of all, functional.



  • Quick and easy expert installation - Attractive style - Lower electric bill - Free electricity.
  • Pollution-free power - Increased home value - Manufacturer backed warranty.
  • Protects the environment - Exceptionally durable - Virtually unbreakable - Great investment.
  • Installs without penetrating the metal roof.
  • Significant state rebates available.


  • Architecturally pleasing systems that do not distract from the natural lines of the home.
  • Complete design freedom with ridge to eave coverage possible.
  • Solar panels are structurally and aesthetically integrated roofing elements.
  • Laminate solar panels directly onto the metal roofing [Uni-Solar] or attached using S-5 clips to standing seam metal roofing
  • Cost effective installation through easy and fast fixing of large area roofing elements using standard installation techniques.
  • No back-ventilation of solar panels necessary (lightweight laminates are easy to handle and can be field applied directly on metal).
  • No support structures needed - UL Listed as prepared roofing cover.
  • Wind and water-tight roof - Suitable both for renovation and for new construction.
  • Standard junction box or weather-tight quick connect system

Solar Engery Fact Sheet