Paint Systems


The PVDG (Fluorocarbon) paint system combines ceramic pigmentation with polyvinylidene florid for a superior, long-lasting performance. (Usually guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years) PVF2 finishes are respected for their durability residence, and color retention. PVF2 finished meet both Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 specifications; Kynar and Hylar are produced under license from Alf Atochem North America, Inc. and Ausimont, respectively.

ACRYLIC - Polyester-based paints are synthetic polymers which have a durable, abrasion-resistant surface. Generally these come with a three to five year warranty. A variation of this product comes with a siliconized polyester blend that provides a good chalk resistance and gloss retention. Siliconized polyesters generally come with a 10 to 20 year warranty.


Galvanized - Zinc Coating - commonly found in steel which relies on a chemical reaction of zinc, which slowly melts away while protecting the underlying metal. The thicker the coating the better the protection. The coating conforms to ASTM standard A-653 with a G60 or G90 designation which is adequate for most roofing applications.

Aluminum coating

The difference between aluminum and zinc is that the aluminum acts as a physical barrier formed by aluminum oxidation process. ASTM A-463 requires that the metal be coated with aluminum at 0.65 ounces per square foot on both sides.

Galvalume: Aluminum-Zinc

Combine the chemical action of zinc and the barrier protection of aluminum. Galvalume was developed by the Bethlehem Steel Corp. and is described in ASTM A-792. This make-up is 55 percent aluminum and 43.5 percent zinc and 1.5 percent silicone. This product also goes by the name of Zincalume which is a registered trademark of BPI Steel.


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