Yellow Hill Residence: More Project Info
Avanti Restaurant & Bar: Manufacturer: Diamond Perforated Metals, Inc   More Project Info
Butto Residence : Manufacturer: Metal Sales T10-C  Siding More Project Info
Hill Canyon Treatment Plant:     Panel:  Vertical Seam     Manufacturer:  Metal Sales         More Project Info
Colquhoun Residence: Panel:  T10-A Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
Mapleton Residence: Panel: Bermuda Panel Manufacturer: Blue Diamond More Project Info
Sutton Residence: Panel:  Mini Batten Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
Esfandiari Residence: Panel:  Narrow Batten Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
T10-E Siding
Javadi Residence: Panel:  T10-E Manufacturer:  Metal Sales Architect:  Ashofteh Inc Architecture, Planning More Project Info
Oak Knolls Residence: Panel: T-2 Siding    Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
Forest Green Residence: Panel:  Wide Batten Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
Point Dume Residence: Panel:  7/8" Corrugated            Published:  Architectural Digest - June 2009 Manufacturer:  VMZinc More Project Info
Church of Scientology - Garden House: Panel: Select Seam Narrow Batten Manufacturer:  AEP More Project Info
Castro Valley Bart Station: One of many of the Bart [Bay Area Rapid Transit] Stations completed in 1995. Panel:  TR-Series Narrow Batten Manufacturer:   Carlisle Engineering More Project Info
Americana at Brand - Cheesecake Factory: Americana at Brand in Glendale is another high end shopping mall by developer Rick Caruso. Includes a trolley car, fountains and park like atmosphere. Panel: Dome:  Flat Seam    Roof Panel:  Narrow Batten Manufacturer:  Metal Sales More Project Info
Ziegler Residence
Ziegler Residence: Narrow Batten curved zinc roofing MS500 Flat Seam Wall Panel Manufacturer:  CSI Architecture More Project Info

In today's metal roofing market, on new construction or replacement roofing, the trend is moving towards the use of Standing Seam [Vertical Seam] or Batten Seam Metal Roofing. This is generally referred to as architectural roofing. Only recently [since 1990's] has architectural roofing entered into the mainstream of residential roofing market . The advantages of the architectural roofing are:

  • Time proven in public schools and other buildings with a lifetime longevity of 30 - 50 years, saving you time and money.
  • Protects in high fire danger zone - highest fire rating.
  • Will not break or crack in heat or when walked on.
  • Many design aspects available to enhance project.
  • Available in many colors [even custom colors]
  • 30 to 40 year manufacturers paint finish warranty meaning no pealing or painting. The actual finish will last 40 to 50 years.

California State Contractors License  #581770 - Since 1988  

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